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You are probably here because you got the e-mail. We’re tickled pink by the response we’ve received – thank you so so much for writing to say good luck, for asking about test dinners and reservations, for coming to this … Continue reading

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Permits & Dinners

The work on Journeyman generally falls into two types: cool and exciting and tiring and stressful. Exhibit A: laying out the kitchen! Laying out the dining room! Designing menus! Designing the wine list! Talking to the wonderful Shelley of Albertine … Continue reading

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We got final blueprints from Campbell for the building permit application today. Seeing them is a bit like the proverbial platonic backrub – awfully nice, but you can’t help thinking that there’s potentially something more exciting out there. The building … Continue reading

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This is Meg. Meg told us today that she’d definitely be working the front of house with us. Since we’ve been trying to persuade her to do so practically since day one, this makes us very happy. Besides being the … Continue reading

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Needful things #5

Things you didn’t know you needed in a restaurant: a way of dealing with tips in Quickbooks.

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The last week has been pretty rough, with the liquor licensing issue hanging over our heads, and final negotiations over the lease, and a bunch of other balls in the air. It’s surprising how abstract a process starting a restaurant … Continue reading

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Kitchen plans

Al sent us the final paper layout for the kitchen today. In some ways, this was the easy part of designing the kitchen, because it’s all about figuring out how to make things work. It’s thoughtful and interesting and playful … Continue reading

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