Kitchen plans

Al sent us the final paper layout for the kitchen today. In some ways, this was the easy part of designing the kitchen, because it’s all about figuring out how to make things work. It’s thoughtful and interesting and playful in the number of “what ifs” involved. What if we have two pick-up points for the finished plates, instead of one? What if we have all the work flowing this way? What if we replace this counter with something else? There’s no pain yet – that comes when you start taking the numbers apart and realizing you can either have the CVAP or the Jade french top, but not both.

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2 Responses to Kitchen plans

  1. You do want two pick up points. One for hot food and one for cold. You don’t need a CVAP.It’s just a toy. Bocuse and Verge never had one.

    Cooking good food should be about passion for the product and a desire for knowledge; but cooking great food is about having the intuition as to when that fish skin is crisp and when the oil in the pan is hot enough to drop in a handful of chantrelles.

    But really, “At the end of the day, it’s just food, isn’t it? Just food.”

    I am thrilled to think two people are making their dreams come true, and I am graced to have a new neighbor.

  2. the journeymen says:

    Manger – thanks for the tip, and the encouragement!

    CVAPs are toys, yes, and toys can’t make up for technique and passion – but they can still be fun.

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