Permits & Dinners

The work on Journeyman generally falls into two types: cool and exciting and tiring and stressful. Exhibit A: laying out the kitchen! Laying out the dining room! Designing menus! Designing the wine list! Talking to the wonderful Shelley of Albertine Press about what kind of stationery we’ll need and what it should look like! Talking to people in the industry! Recruiting staff! Designing the garden!

Exhibit B: putting together an application for construction permits. Putting together an application for a liquor license. Making sure our corporate filings with the Secretary of State are in order. Notarizing signatures, making copies, trying to print things right – and of course they don’t print right first. Waiting for our applications to be decided. And waiting. And waiting.

The killer here is that while this may not be much of a restaurant without a kitchen design and staff, it won’t be a restaurant at all without construction permits. All those things in Exhibit B are real show stoppers if we mess them up. So we worry, and bite our nails, and trudge through slush to City Hall again.

That said, our architect Campbell just picked up the set of drawings for construction permits to bring to city hall. This will be our second attempt to submit it – one of us tried to do it earlier today, but the inspector wasn’t there to go through it on the spot and they wouldn’t take it without this initial review. This will also be our first missed deadline – we originally planned to have it in on Friday.

That said, we’re doing our first batch of test dinners this week. Aside from cooking, we get to try out a new and exciting excel costing spreadsheet!

Seriously, though – a while back, we (perhaps foolishly) agreed to cook a dinner for some winemakers who are in town for the Boston Wine Expo this weekend – we can’t think of a more auspicious way to start off.

This is the menu:

Winter salad

Bay scallop
Ham + egg

Tamworth belly

Raja Farm lamb leg
Persimmons, potatoes, bok choi

Maple, grapefruit, bay, chicory

With luck, we might actually get to blog about some of the dishes.

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