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Campbell and I went down to Quincy yesterday to hunt yet another necessary piece of paper for the restaurant. Like all good hunts, this one took place with the sky a solid block of grey, and interminable rain blowing every … Continue reading

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If we can’t use Maine tomatoes in winter, what can we use? This is a salad we made for last week’s test dinner. It has: a pickled beet, a glazed carrot, a baton of delicata squash, a quenelle of chard … Continue reading

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Winter tomatoes

Some of you probably know about Backyard Farms. They are a greenhouse farm in Madison, Maine. They grow tomatoes, year round, pick them ripe and ship them to New England stores – places like Whole Foods and Hannaford supermarkets. The … Continue reading

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A million directions

This is Len, our patron saint. I don’t remember exactly what we were discussing the night we took this photo – wine or restaurateuring, probably. Len, in addition to providing advice and occasionally dragging semi-famous winemakers to dinner, brings a … Continue reading

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