A million directions



This is Len, our patron saint. I don’t remember exactly what we were discussing the night we took this photo – wine or restaurateuring, probably. Len, in addition to providing advice and occasionally dragging semi-famous winemakers to dinner, brings a veneer of sanity to this process by being a sounding board and all purpose confessional.

We’ve been all over the place the last couple of weeks. We cooked. We came out. We spoke to our first couple of potential investors. We spoke to the plumbing inspector. We found an accountant. We found out some hard truths about revenue mixes. We found some chairs we liked, and started to talk about what the place will actually look like to a guest. We started to tweet and facebook professionally. Is “facebook” a verb yet?

Sadly, we had no opportunity to take photos last weekend – and posting about food without photos can apparently get your blogging license revoked. The test dinners are a mixed blessing – we’ve had far more requests than we have seats available, and they’re a vital reminder that we’re doing this for the love of food and feeding people, but we could really use an extra day or so in the week.

We’re starting to get a handle on what it will really cost to get up and running – until now, a good chunk of the startup budget has been a fairly loose (but conservatively high) estimate from Campbell. Now we’re actually talking to contractors and getting quotes, and going to kitchen equipment brokers to price out the kitchen. Having our plans more solidly linked to reality will be assuring.

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