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Happened today

On every construction project, there comes a point where the design team starts to have to scramble to keep feeding the construction team enough information for them to continue working uninterrupted. We hit that point today, and fortunately, we have … Continue reading

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Mondays are hard. For whatever reason, weekends seem to make everyone involved in construction nervous, with attendant blowups and firefighting on the Monday to follow. This one was no different – an air conditioning duct went up in a bad … Continue reading

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Construction this week has gone pretty quickly. We’ve completed just about every wall that will exist in the space – the last one is getting framed today. In effect, you can now see then entire volume of the restaurant outlined … Continue reading

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We’re working with Other City Builders, a small company based in Union Square. They’re building the neighborhood practically single-handed – Sherman Market & Sherman Cafe, the patio for Ronnarong, Open Bicycle, Taqueria la Mexicana, Grand, and now Journeyman. Ben and … Continue reading

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We have acquired a Hobart. I will post a picture when it arrives. If there is one piece of restaurant equipment that should be purchased used, a Hobart mixer is it. They are built to last forever. Once in a … Continue reading

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Our friend in the park this morning: “So, the place is a wreck, you have no money, and you are wondering what you got yourself into, right?” That’s the voice of 25 years of experience in architecture and construction. Last … Continue reading

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We have a floor again! The concrete got poured today – about 100 sacks worth. Two mixers were broken in the process, so by the end of the day, the concrete was getting mixed by hand, in a wheelbarrow. Now … Continue reading

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