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We're not sure how this much dirt came from that hole

We're not sure how this much dirt came from that hole

The Mysterious Financial Professional asked in no uncertain terms for more frequent blog updates (“I need something to read when I’m trying to procrastinate around 10am every day!”), and what he wants, he gets.

We’ve been sending emails to the team pretty much daily, to keep everyone abreast of what’s happening, so we’re just going to start cleaning them up and posting those here.

The one for Friday said something like this:

Framing: Dish-area (updated following Amber’s comment…) / dining room wall is framed. Hard ceiling is in place over the bathroom. Some work on dining-kitchen wall. We discovered that the drop ceiling is actually at slightly different heights in different parts of the kitchen. Figuring out how to deal with this. May involve ripping down the drop ceiling and reopening the skylight there, if we can afford it.

Plumbing: All drains are in the ground, and inspected. The grease trap is going in Monday – we were waiting to speak to the inspector (today) to see how small of a grease trap we can use.

Electrical: NStar is coming sometime next week. We have a work order number in and have paid them a deposit.

Equipment: New range coming sometime in the next two weeks. Definitely using existing two bay as prep sink. Pot sink will be smaller than currently drawn.

Facade: Storefront improvement grant application is in.

Now, of course, this doesn’t actually include any of the other stuff that’s going on – more on that tomorrow.

We dig plumbing

We dig plumbing

The photos are from this week. We had a giant pile of dirt in the dining room, from excavating the drainage trenches. We were trying to limit the amount of digging we had to do. Turns out this was a bit of a futile exercise. At least Matt and Billy, the plumbers, work really damn fast. Thanks guys!

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