Yes, this is a piano. Yes, it's ours.

Yes, this is a piano. Yes, it's ours.

Not a lot of visible progress yesterday. The grease trap went in, as planned, and the drains (which in fact were not quite finished) got worked on some more. A lot of shifting around of stuff in the space to make room for the next stage of work – it’s regrettably crowded, due to there being a fair bit of kitchen gear and a disassembled walk-in in there. And the french top is arriving tomorrow.

Not a french top. But also ours.

Not a french top. But also ours.

Aside from all the construction related discussions yesterday (what to do about the ceiling in the kitchen; whether we can afford to open a new skylight; schedule shuffling), we also:

Met with the lovely folks from Hungry Mother, and their stunningly blue-eyed baby, who were kind enough to sit down with us and patiently explain (among other things) that we should really open with a third person in the front of house (so we’re hiring – email us if you’re interested).

Looked over more tabletop samples and roughed out our flatware order.

Called around to figure out how to get our table tops (as opposed to tabletop stuff) made.

Started looking for a health insurance provider for real.

Planned dinner for a winemaker who’s visiting this Sunday.

More photos by Mr. Strohm-Herman. Consider him for all your documentary photography needs.

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