I can't decide.

I can't decide.

We have a floor again! The concrete got poured today – about 100 sacks worth. Two mixers were broken in the process, so by the end of the day, the concrete was getting mixed by hand, in a wheelbarrow. Now we have to dance around it for 48-72 hours – longer for the big patch that will become the bathroom.

At the same time, we’re looking for ways to really clear out the space, because Robert, our electrician, will be coming in to do “deletions” on Friday – “deletions” being a charming term for ripping out dead conduit and cabling. This is a pretty involved process, there being dead wire over just about every square foot of the space, and as Ben said, he’s 63 years old and grouchy about the prospect of falling off more ladders, so we’ll need to clear the space pretty thoroughly.

We also spent a couple of hours with people from Somerville OSPCD today, discussing what could be done to improve the facades on Sanborn Court, as well as having a long chat with our attorney this morning.

Also, a neighbor apparently thought we were planning to run a house of ill repute.

Photos by Ry again.

Still life with conduit

Still life with conduit

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