We have acquired a Hobart. I will post a picture when it arrives.

If there is one piece of restaurant equipment that should be purchased used, a Hobart mixer is it. They are built to last forever. Once in a while, the Hobart corporation tries to find the oldest machine still in operation. Last time they did it, in the early 2000s, the winner was a mixer made in 1914. It was the first model Hobart ever made, and it was still in daily use. (I like saying Hobart. Try it! You’ll see!)

We don’t know how old our Hobart is, but it’s a model A200, which was introduced in 1933. Judging by the serial number and what information I could find it was made after 1951, but beyond that things get fuzzy. There isn’t as much of a geek community around old Hobarts as there is around old typewriters and no-one has compiled a list of serial numbers and years of manufacture associated with them. I guess restaurateurs are busy people.

A little bit of research did give me the dates of release of Hobart’s main models of mixers (although not dates when their production stopped):

1914 – first electrical mixer
1933 – A-200 mixer
1947 – N-50 mixer
1953 – H-600 mixer
1955 – M-802 Heavy Duty Bakery Mixer
2003 – Legacy mixer

And here’s the timing of Hobart-made KitchenAids (in 1986 Whirlpool bought the brand):

K4-B – 1944 to 1962
K-45 – “Classic”- 4.5 qt capacity, 250W motor – 1962
K-45SS – update to “Classic,” introduced in late 1970s

If you know more, drop us a line! We’d love to get a more complete chronology.

In the meantime – Hobart! (sorry…)

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