Like a cave.

Like a cave.

Construction this week has gone pretty quickly. We’ve completed just about every wall that will exist in the space – the last one is getting framed today. In effect, you can now see then entire volume of the restaurant outlined in studwall. We kind of like it this way – it’s a connect the dots kind of thing, inviting you to fill the shapes in in your mind’s eye.

The plumbers have filled the walls with drains and copper supply pipes, really kind of pretty if you think of them as accents to all the framing studs. Plumbing is getting to the stage where we start to think about exactly how to hook up each piece of equipment, which of course is dictating that we rework some of the connections that are in place, but so it goes.

The airspace is a little clearer now that the electricians have come through once – a lot of hanging conduit just gone – but still a lot of chains (for fluorescent light panels) and wires (for the drop ceiling frame) hang from the ceiling, looking a little macabre.

And the HVAC team has started to build the giant spiral duct for the air. We could probably both squeeze into the tube at the same time. It’s really rather impressive.

We ran some hiccups this week – a bathroom with not quite the right dimensions, electrical supply proving to be a headache, necessary travel creating scheduling problems. Up and on.

Photo by Mr. Strohm-Herman. All construction photos for the last few posts, though we forgot to mention it at the time, were either by him or another polymath friend, Johanna Bobrow. Proper credits are up now. We’ve not been shooting the construction ourselves, because we tend to be too busy poking at things or talking to Ben & Nick when we’re onsite, so we’re very grateful to them for helping us document this process!

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