Happened today

He has nothing to do with construction

He has nothing to do with construction

On every construction project, there comes a point where the design team starts to have to scramble to keep feeding the construction team enough information for them to continue working uninterrupted.

We hit that point today, and fortunately, we have enough going that Ben and Nick can keep going for another day or two – not counting the time they’ll spend getting inspections done.

We also discovered that due to having to move various other things around, the kitchen wound up being framed almost 2′ narrower than we intended. We had wiggle room, so it’s not the end of the world, but we won’t be driving Hummers through it anytime soon.

Also, the draft of the second Boston Globe piece went in yesterday, so look out for it in the next couple of weeks. We talk about how much air conditioning costs.

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