It’s been a tough week. On Sunday, a couple hundred gallons of water came through our ceiling thanks to the typhoon that hit Somerville. In spite of “global weirding” causing once-a-century rainstorms every second year, we don’t expect this to be an ongoing problem, thankfully. A combination of a clogged roof drain, a badly pitched roof, and the roofer not coming when they should have all contributed to the occurrence.

That said, it seems like everyone in Union got flooded out – Sherman and Metro Ped were vacuuming water out of their basements too – and then came over to help us!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who spent some part of Sunday evening helping dry out the restaurant and our neighbor’s spaces – especially Wenzday and the MetroPed crew.

That said, no lasting damage was done – the best time for a restaurant to get flooded is before it’s actually built. The roofers came to patch our roof on Monday, and work stopped to let things dry out a bit till Wednesday. Sheetrock is up, so we have walls now, and they’re getting plastered over the weekend.

Just in time for us to find out that the window might not be quite as solid as we thought.

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