Something Completely Different

Our Reception Desk!

Our Reception Desk!

We’ve hired our opening team of dinner servers (who will greet guests from the lovely new reception desk pictured here, which was built & photographed by Ry); two bright, thoughtful, and passionate people  with whom we are thrilled to work. One makes films, plays drums, and makes — or so we hear– a mean grilled cheese sandwich. The other takes photographs, reads faster than superman can fly, and bakes like a fiend. We’ve also hired our third cook, a recovering software programmer (he likes hydrocolloids better than code now, we’re lucky to have him!) who’s also moonlighted as a woodworker and musician in the last few years. All of them have been superheroes, working hard on site and engaging with our dreams for Journeyman fully. Most of our non-construction time in the last few weeks has focused on getting ourselves and our employees trained and prepared for opening, when we welcome our first diners and cook our first dinners.

Together, we’ve spent time discussing our menu design, our food sources, our beverage philosophy, the theories of social interaction and community that shape our service model, and the details of legal policy and safety regulations. We’ve also spent time eating out at fine dining establishments, tasting wine and beer, sipping our way through the tea & coffee list, playing with food science, and practicing details of hospitality like carrying plates and pouring drinks.

The team training has been a satisfying process, full of good tastes and good people, and it’s reminded us that opening a restaurant isn’t all tile grout, paperwork, and painter’s tape. Opening a restaurant is still certainly about the administrative details, the location and design, and the comestibles and service, but it’s also about creating a home-away-from-home for guests and staff both. Especially as we creep ever closer to opening our door to the public, we realize that we are forging a place that will hopefully serve joy and contentment along with the meals.

A detail of the salvaged piano soundboard in our desk

A detail of the salvaged piano soundboard in our desk

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