Approaching one month

The kitchen is busily preparing rabbit, lamb, beet risotto, candied apples, roasted eggplant, toasted pine nuts, and pureed heirloom winter squashes that we got earlier this week.

I (Meg) am busy writing up this week’s menu & catching up on the updates to our press page. The final installment of the Boston Globe series is up, Stuff Magazine gave us a “Biggest Balls” award, Boston Magazine is coming in to take a few photos tonight, and we’re starting to see reviews on local boards like Yelp and Chowhound, and on local food blogs, too.

It’s hard to believe we’re starting week four, hard to believe that we’re starting to build the habits that will make this a sustainable long-term practice: coffee & pain perdue out of the night before’s bread scraps for breakfast, flatware that gets polished as it’s washed instead of as we land it on your table, a new gardener who comes in a few times a week to take care of our green wall, the permanent barstools for our counter so that we can stop gratefully borrowing the ones from the Design Annex (Thanks, Mimi!!). We’re finally perfecting the set-up for service each night so that we can start taking walk-ins, start offering to plan special events, start supporting other local causes we love, and keep doing this crazy thing that we love.

Our staff are learning at a pace we could not have imagined or hoped for, and we’ve already got a few folks warring for the title of most frequent guest. We end each night sitting around a table, plotting how to make our next evening even better, all of us from the prep cook to the owners chiming in and feeling committed.

It took us a lot of hard work, a lot of painful delays, and a lot of hard-knocks-education, but we’re glad to be here, and we’re so glad that all of you followed us for the whole ride. Soon we’ll unveil our brand new website, but in the meantime, check out some of the gorgeous photos of the finished restaurant taken by Ry Strohm-Herman, Johanna Bobrow, and William Horne!!

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