This week is shaping up to be something else. The farmer’s market is winding down this week in Union Square, and the produce we opened with is pretty much gone. We’ve got a lot of yummy stuff tucked away in jars and in the freezers, but it’s always a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to the summer growing season, this year especially so. We’re so thankful to have gotten to cook for a few weeks in the glow of summer, and to have made such good connections with the farmers in our area. Our menus will continue featuring their summer bounty as long as our stockpile of preserves holds out, and we’re also looking forward to more root vegetables, more greens, and more squashes than we’ve so far served.

This week we’re featuring a plate of fried and smoked whiting with vichysoisse, potato vareniki with toasted miso dressing, ankimo with ginger and chrysanthemum tea, and little, perfect coffee-flavored pots de creme. There’s also cinnamon marshmallows, pickled fennel, and curried eggplant making appearances. Tse Wei even called his mum for her favorite curry blend while he was testing curries for the roasted eggplant! Diana’s making the vareniki herself (not too dissimilar from pierogi, if you’re more familiar with that name) with a good bit of nostalgia, too. We’re pretty sure that the menu this week will be just right for the darkening and cooling days ahead, and we know it’s full of our favorite comfort foods.

Also, if you missed the announcement on twitter and facebook, our walk-in counter is now open and ready to use: 8 seats per night that require no advance reservation and have a great view of the kitchen. We start seating guests there at 5:30pm, and there’s the chance to sit down until late in the evening.

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