This little piggie… & a special dinner on thursday November 4

On Monday, Tse Wei used his brand new driver’s license to head westward to pick up our next two pigs from North Face Farm. North Face Farm had the winning pork from our April Meat-Off, and has Maria, to boot, a wonderful farmer with whom we’re pleased to work.

We’re thrilled to have more pork from Maria, and are even more thrilled to announce that next week, on Thursday November 4, we’ll have Maria herself in to dinner. We’ll be serving a North Face Farm meal, and featuring the first of our new pigs.

At some point, we’ll buy a car and this process will be more streamlined, but this time, he borrowed a car, lined it with enough plastic to insure pristine upholstery when he returned it to the gracious friends who were willing to let their car haul pigs, and drove off into the distance to get our next delivery. No matter how many steps it takes, we’re glad to be getting our animals this way: brought in with our own hands, even. We get our pigs in full sides, and Vadim (the owner of Akimenko Meats) helps us butcher them for our purposes. Vadim’s been a great friend to the restaurant, and he’s helped us with pigs and lambs and rabbits already; we can’t wait until his shop is all set up and we can send you all there for your own local meat to cook at home.

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