Changing of the Guard

Journeyman has hired new blood. With two new servers and two new cooks, we have the flexibility to start evolving our restaurant further: distinct prep and service shifts in the kitchen, nights off for waitstaff, and for 2011, a sixth night of service.

As we’ve trained our new staff we’ve noticed how much our opening team has coalesced over the last few months — from stepping on each other’s toes in the first weeks to reading each other’s minds, almost — and we’ve also had a chance to look critically at what we hoped our restaurant would be and where it is now. In some key ways, we’re doing exactly what we hoped, and it many ways, we’ve either changed our minds or not reached our goals yet. It’s been a perfect time to sit with some of the feedback and reviews we’ve received and think long and hard about what comes next. We were told it’d be at least 100 days before we were a real restaurant, and if you count nights of service, we’re not nearly there yet, but if you could days of work, we are. Our response to reviews and feedback might come in a separate post, but we wanted to say that we’re reading everything we can about how people are faring at Journeyman and listening carefully.

To that end, we’d like to solicit your feedback more directly: if you’ve dined at Journeyman recently and wanted to tell us something about the experience, or if you have an opinion about what night should be our sixth (Monday or Tuesday), please let us know.

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