photo by Johanna Bobrow

Journeyman’s become known for artful and eccentric tasting menus: a stream of small plates with food that is not just tasty but also challenging and beautiful. On Saturdays, alongside the Union Square Farmers Market, we’re going to change that.

Last Saturday was the first of our Saturday BBQs, aimed at adding another layer of delicious fun to the Market that already boasts some of our favorite farmers, musicians, festivals, artists, and workshops. The food’s made by our line cook, Dan Hanken. Dan is a frisbee player, cellist, and – we discovered after hiring him – a smoked meat aficionado. For our first week of serious BBQ, he rolled out house-made sausages, dry-rubbed veal ribs, brined chickens, pulled pork, and sliced brisket. We also started out with a few Market-sourced sides: sweet pickles, cornbread, grilled asparagus, and dirty rice, along with two kinds of baked beans.

photo by Johanna Bobrow

As the summer plows on, we’ll add more to that menu, including some vegetarian options and more vegetables from the market. You can round out your meal with soda or iced tea, and eat in Stone Place Park right behind us or carry it away to wherever you like. Next week we’re hoping for sunshine, but even if it rains, we’ll be out with our grills having a grand time. We hope you can stop by & see us!

photo by Johanna Bobrow

Journeyman BBQ, in conjunction with the Union Square Farmers Market: every Saturday in summer, 11am until 2pm (unless we run out of food first!)

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