Say cheese!

This year, Journeyman is starting to get cheesy. There’s 2 big pieces to this development:

1. Cheese service at Journeyman.
As you may know, we’ve been running cheese boards over at backbar for a long while now, and we’ve very much enjoyed keeping several amazing cheeses on hand for the bar menu. We’ve been working closely with Formaggio Kitchen, to keep a beautiful sampling of local and European cheeses available, and we’d like to share that with Journeyman’s guests once in a while. It’s not unusual, particularly in Europe, to be offered cheese before — or instead of — dessert, and we’re going to start the tradition here at Journeyman. Sometimes we’ll have a cheese course right on the tasting menus, but sometimes your server will come around to offer you a cheese board before we finish your meal to offer you a selection of cheeses.

2. Cheese Blogging with Jasper Hill Cellars & Culture Magazine
I’ve joined the ranks of 20 “wedge heads” helping Jasper Hill birth their latest cheese, an alpine-style cow’s milk cheese, with Culture Magazine’s help. Every month, Jasper Hill sends me cheese, and I do three things: taste the cheese with Diana & Tse Wei, fill out a feedback form for the cheese-makers over at Jasper Hill, and write a blog entry about the cheese for Culture. This is pretty exciting for all three of us, as Jasper Hill makes some of our favorite cheeses (Winnimere for me!), and Culture Magazine is an amazing resource for anyone interested in cheese.
The first blog entry is online at The 2012 Birth of a Cheese blog.

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