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Employees Must Wash Hands

There is so much that must be said when running a restaurant, from the infinitely variable interchanges with guests to the more precise notifications legally required: “Please inform the waitstaff before ordering if you have a food allergy” “Warning: consuming … Continue reading

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Pictures of the window, because you asked. Sorry for the lack of photos lately – Johanna and Ry haven’t been in for a bit, and we didn’t want to sear your eyes shut with our own amateurish attempts. All these … Continue reading

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Our friend in the park this morning: “So, the place is a wreck, you have no money, and you are wondering what you got yourself into, right?” That’s the voice of 25 years of experience in architecture and construction. Last … Continue reading

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We have a floor again! The concrete got poured today – about 100 sacks worth. Two mixers were broken in the process, so by the end of the day, the concrete was getting mixed by hand, in a wheelbarrow. Now … Continue reading

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We got final blueprints from Campbell for the building permit application today. Seeing them is a bit like the proverbial platonic backrub – awfully nice, but you can’t help thinking that there’s potentially something more exciting out there. The building … Continue reading

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Kitchen plans

Al sent us the final paper layout for the kitchen today. In some ways, this was the easy part of designing the kitchen, because it’s all about figuring out how to make things work. It’s thoughtful and interesting and playful … Continue reading

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