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We have reservations

Mark Pastore of San Francisco’s Incanto, upon being asked the question “Why aren’t you on OpenTable?” enough times, wrote an Incante letter that reframes the question to ask “Is OpenTable worth it?” We have had both of those questions in … Continue reading

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Something Completely Different

We’ve hired our opening team of dinner servers (who will greet guests from the lovely new reception desk pictured here, which was built & photographed by Ry); two bright, thoughtful, and passionate people  with whom we are thrilled to work. … Continue reading

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It’s been a tough week. On Sunday, a couple hundred gallons of water came through our ceiling thanks to the typhoon that hit Somerville. In spite of “global weirding” causing once-a-century rainstorms every second year, we don’t expect this to … Continue reading

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Mondays are hard. For whatever reason, weekends seem to make everyone involved in construction nervous, with attendant blowups and firefighting on the Monday to follow. This one was no different – an air conditioning duct went up in a bad … Continue reading

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Our friend in the park this morning: “So, the place is a wreck, you have no money, and you are wondering what you got yourself into, right?” That’s the voice of 25 years of experience in architecture and construction. Last … Continue reading

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The last week has been pretty rough, with the liquor licensing issue hanging over our heads, and final negotiations over the lease, and a bunch of other balls in the air. It’s surprising how abstract a process starting a restaurant … Continue reading

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