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This is Seth. In addition to upping the ruggedness quotient on the crew, Seth is running the wine, beer and spirits program. Seth is a true believer when it comes to wine – he loves it, thinks about it, sees … Continue reading

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Farm visits, round one

We spent the weekend visiting farms, meeting cute animals and evaluating their potential for deliciousness. All the farms we visited were teeny, and the farmers were the sweetest people, amazingly knowledgeable about their animals and committed to their welfare. Jesse … Continue reading

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The man in the GladOS hoodie

This is the Mysterious Financial Professional – not to be confused with our accountant – who’s been helping us put together the business plan for Journeyman. The MFP works for a financial institution which frowns on him using his skills … Continue reading

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This is Meg. Meg told us today that she’d definitely be working the front of house with us. Since we’ve been trying to persuade her to do so practically since day one, this makes us very happy. Besides being the … Continue reading

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